Krystal Resort Scam Avoidance Team Describes the New Threat of Cybercrime

Krystal Resort Scam Avoidance Team understands that when people talk about the different ways that scammers take advantage of people in the world today, they often talk about the things that happen with the help of a computer. Cybercrimes are a big deal. What many people do not realize is they are often most vulnerable to the cybercriminals when they are traveling with their computers. There are a few ways that you can be taken advantage of while traveling. If you make sure that you practice the right scam prevention techniques presented here by Krystal Resort Scam Avoidance Team, you will be less of a target.

  • Wi-Fi Hotspots – These are places where you can connect your computer to a public network and access the internet. It is important to realize that anyone can get on these networks if they are in range. The best protection you have when using a public network is a firewall. This scam prevention tool can keep others from accessing your computer when you are connected to a public network.
  • Fake Hotspots – Some cybercriminals will set up their own network in the same area that there is a free public network. They will give their network a name that sounds similar to the business that is offering the free service, but the criminals will use it for the wrong purposes. A firewall helps and users of any public network should not use sites where they store personal information such as banks.
  • Phishing for information – The cybercriminals will work to try to get people to give them personal information which will be used to steal money or an individual’s identity. Krystal Resorts Scam Avoidance Team advises to never offer personal information over the internet when traveling if you want to practice scam prevention.